LocaLoot is a collective of product enthusiasts that explore local retail in its many forms – from specialty stores to bike shops, restaurants to yoga studios, home decor to design stores -- we love helping people find the "LocaLoot" that make our neighborhoods special.

Our in-house authors:


A Brief History

At first we were just a bunch of business partners starting our bi-coastal digital ad agency in NYC and Oakland. David a business polymath, Sheila a creative fountain, and Hassan and Cooper our mad-scientist type engineers. As we started talking to clients and digging into the products they wanted to advertise and sell, we realized how much is produced locally but not known. OK, more like not known outside the folks already in the know! We knew there was an opportunity to discover, showcase and sell/celebrate their products.

We started by just trying to outdo one another by unearthing the "best in the 'hood" with a picture of a store, an item or a company logo. Each of us always had a little comment to go with the image. We joked that we were so opinionated about who was more authentic than the other that we should start an online magazine about it.

So, when a project showcasing the agency went sideways and stalled, David and Sheila, seeking new inspiration, dusted off the images, posted them online started interviewing friends about where to find the local treasures in their neighborhoods and launched LocaLoot.